Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Girl

I wanted to post some bullets to update everybody on how our sweet baby girl is doing:

-Julianna is walking! Not a lot but she is walking some now. She is so proud of herself. She still prefers to crawl since that gets her where she want to go faster.
-She gives the sweetest hugs to us - she will lay her head on our shoulders and pat our backs. Then she will rub our backs. It just melts our hearts.
-She now says "that" when she wants to know what something is. (Sounds more like "dat".) She says "juice" for any kind of drink and shoes which sounds more like "Jews".) Her favorite new word is "cat".
-She can point to her hair, eyes, and mouth. She has a harder time with her nose for some reason.
-When I tell her it's time for her bath, she say "ba". She still loves her bath.
-She LOVES shoes! When she sees her shoes she wants them on immediately! This has us worried that she will be spending lots of money on shoes one day!
-She stayed in the nursery at church for the first time this past Sunday and did great! I think her parents were more worried than she was. :)
-She had her first haircut in the US and didn't like it at all. She didn't cry but whined a lot.
-She loves Baby Einstein videos and learns new words from the videos.
-She loves to swing on her baby swing and take walks in her stroller every day.

We are enjoying every day with her and continue to be thankful to the Lord for this blessing we have been given!

Julianna at 16 months

1st Haircut

My birthday with my baby - my best birthday present ever!

At the park