Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nursery in Progress

We have the baby bed up! The nursery is still a work in progress. but we wanted to share some of what we have done so far. Here is Ed putting the bed together:

Here is the baby bed with the bedding. I love the bedding with the green, pink, and chocolate colors.

Also, below is the light fixture we put up:

We have ordered the rocker from All About Baby and it should be here in a few weeks. We are working on getting pictures and knickknacks to go around the room.
We are hoping to hear something this week or next on our referral of Julianna. We will DEFINITELY be posting pictures of her when we get them!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We are NEXT!!!

We can't believe it but praise God we are finally NEXT to receive our referral!! The CCAA referred through March 6, 2006 this week. So, we will be in the next batch of referrals which should come out either the end of March or the first week of April. We have learned over these many years to expect the unexpected, but we THINK we are safe to say that we will get Julianna's picture and referral info in only a month.

I have been trying to guess how old she will be and where she will be from. For some reason, I am stuck on 10 months old and the Jiangxi province, but I guess we will have to see if my predictions were correct! Does anybody have any predictions on how old?? I know you all don't know the provinces like us, so I am not going to go there. I thought about doing a poll like I have seen on other blogs, so that may be coming soon.

It's weird, but after all this time, we have started thinking...are we ready for this? Of course we are, but we know the Jernigans will have to make some major adjustments to our lifestyle. We are use to watching tv when we want and taking naps when we want, so we know all that will be changing.

We are still working on the nursery. We have finished painting the walls and trim and we also have the new light fixture up. We are going to clean out the closet this weekend and get everything completely moved out for the new carpet that is coming in next week. After the carpet, we can finally move the furniture into the room. We are still looking for a rocker which is the only big item we still need for the nursery. I am still going to post a picture when we get closer to it being ready.

Well better go! The countdown is definitely on!