Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1st Birthday Party and Home One Month

Since we were not with Julianna on her 1st Birthday on April 17, we decided to have a 1st Birthday Party this past Saturday, July 18. She turned 15 months on July 17 so we thought it was a good time to celebrate! We had a small party with just family. We had pizza, birthday cake (Thanks for getting the cake for us, Mimi!), and homemade ice cream. Julianna didn't really know what to do with the cake so Mama had to help her get started eating the icing. Of course, I didn't mind since I could live off buttercream frosting. :) She had a great time and played with everybody. Some of her big items that she got were a swing set from Mama and Daddy and a sandbox from Mimi and Pop.

Also, we were home one month on Friday and we are continually amazed at the progress Julianna continues to make. She is crawling now and pulling up on us and on furniture. She is so proud of herself! I am sure she will be walking in no time. She can say duck and dog. She loves playing with her cousins and loves to go on walks in her stroller. She can point out my mouth and nose. She has gained 1.5 pounds since coming home according to the doctor's office. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we thank God for her every day!

Here are some pics of Julianna's birthday party:

Julianna, Mama and Daddy

Julianna getting read to tear into her cake

Julianna and Mama opening presents

Opening presents with cousin Sarah Beth helping


  1. I'm so glad I got to see Julianna tonight! She is such a beautiful sweet baby! What a miracle!!!! :) God bless you all!

    Susan V

  2. Precious. We need to get together soon, so I can see her in person.

  3. How exciting! She is indeed precious! We would love to get together soon, maybe Julianna would like to explore the pool? Anything would be great! God is good!!

  4. I can't believe you have already been home a month! I love the birthday party and she sure looks like she has become a Mama's girl (oh what difference a month makes!) Thank you for the special post on our referral. It was such a shocker, and yes I hope one day soon we can get the girls together for a play date!