Saturday, April 17, 2010



I can't believe that you are already 2 years old! Time is going by so fast and you are growing up before our eyes. You are such a precious and beautiful gift from God. I sometimes still can't believe that all our prayers have been answered and all our dreams have come true. You are such a blessing to your Mama and Daddy. It is so rewarding to see you learn new words and new things. Every day for you is a new adventure and you make me enjoy the simple things in life like when you chase after the sky or blow a dandelion. I took so many things for granted before you were here, but now the simple things in life mean so much more.

I want you to know that even though I wasn't there physically for your birth and for your 1st birthday, you have always been in my heart. I promise that I will be there for every birthday that you have for the rest of my life. You may have been born in China but you grew in my heart.

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!!

I love you more than I can say!


Opening birthday presents

Mama, Daddy, and Julianna

Waiting patiently for birthday cake

I LOVE buttercream as much as my Mama!

Playing in the backyard with family

Princess Julianna

Pushing her baby around in her new stroller


  1. I LOVE the birthday pictures! I cannot believe she is two already - and so adorable. Her hair has gotten so long and beautiful. :0) We have to get together soon. :0) Love, Lee Ann

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE JERNIGAN FAMILY!! Just realized it was 1yr ago today that God put this Beautiful Angel in your arms!! But as you said we know she was in your hearts a lot longer than that. So thankful we all are able to share this journey with you. May God continue to bless this little angel and your whole family!! Love, Sharon R.