Friday, January 23, 2009

5 More LID's to go

The CCAA only referred 2 days of LID's this month - March 1 and 2, so that means that there are 5 days left including our LID of the 7th. I was thinking they might get to the 3rd or 6th. Last week rumors were swirling of a big batch and I was in a panic considering the nursery isn't even painted! With only 2 LID's referred, I don't feel as panicked as I did last week.

Ed & our friend Jay are busy putting tile down in the bathrooms and we finished painting 2 bedrooms and one of the bathrooms. We are slowly but surely getting there. We going to start painting the nursery this week. Our bedding came in! The bedding has pink, brown, and light green and the flowers on it look Asian to me. I will attach a picture later. We have also purchased a lamp and pillows to go with the bedding that look adorable.

We got good news in the mail from the CIS (Citizenship & Immigration Services). After a lot of phone calls and emails last week by us and our agency, we finally have our updated I600A approval! Our last approval expired this week and we can't go to China without it. Our new approval doesn't expire until July of 2010...surely we can make it to China and back before then...don't you think??

Also, we have SOLVED the dilemma of taking a laptop to China. Eddie surprised me with a mini-lap that only weighs about 2 pounds. (Thanks for the idea, Shannon!) So, I will be able to post to this blog while we are travelling in China for 2 weeks.

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Yay for the laptop! I'm looking forward to those updates from China. Especially the pictures!


  2. Update this blog because we're NEXT, soon-to-be-little-momma!!!! Praise the Lord for some good news at last. We are NEXT. No more wondering or guessing or estimating-- we are NEXT!!!!!!!
    Love, Aunt Trina