Monday, January 12, 2009

We have a blog!

After years of looking at blogs, I am so excited to actually be blogging our adoption journey to Julianna. We will try to keep this blog updated with the happenings of the Jernigans. To get everyone up to date, we are waiting for the arrival of our first child, Julianna, who has already been born in China! (I am smiling as I type that!) We have been hoping and praying for years for a child and Julianna is the answer to our prayers and the prayers of so many others who have been on this journey with us.

We are expecting to receive her referral some time either late February/early March of this year. Our LID is March 7, 2006 and the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) has sent referrals through February 28, 2006. So, only 7 LID until ours! For those who don't know, when we receive her referral, we will receive the following: her Chinese name, her age, a health report (including measurements) and some basic information about her personality. After we receive the referral, we will travel to China about 6 to 8 weeks later to adopt her. We will stay in China about two weeks. Then we will head back to the great state of Alabama with the newest Jernigan and as a family of 3!
We are busily working on getting things ready for Julianna's arrival. We ordered the baby bedding last week. It is so cute! We have also been working on cleaning out the room that we are turning into her nursery and painting the bedrooms and bathrooms. It is finally feeling real. Our family and friends have even been asking about doing showers for us. It just seems so unreal after all this time. Even after waiting all this time, we have a lot of nesting to do! We are so excited and CAN'T WAIT to get her home!


  1. So glad you've started blogging! I cannot wait to see my precious baby niece face to face. Love you so much! (Toot)

  2. Aha, you've got your blog started! Aunt Joy can't wait to finally meet Julianna either! Sounds like our prayers are about to be answered...praise God! (Joy)