Friday, May 8, 2009

China Schedule

We received lots of good news this week on our trip to China! We got our TA (Travel Approval)from China and we are leaving on Thursday, June 4, a whole week earlier than we thought. Then yesterday, we received our CA (consulate appointment) with the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou and were able to purchase plane tickets! It seems so unreal that this is actually happening. Here is our tentative schedule:

June 4 Leave Huntsville
June 5 Arrive in Beijing
June 6 Tour Beijing
June 7 Fly to Jiangxi and Gotcha Day for Julianna!
June 8 - 12 Adoption registration in Jiangxi
June 12 Leave for Guangzhou
June 15 Consulate Appointment
June 16 Oath Ceremony
June 17 Leave China and arrive back in U.S.

We still have a lot to do before we leave for China and most importantly we have to start packing. We ask that all of you continue to pray for Julianna and us and that things would go smoothly. We also ask that you pray that she would know that we are her Mama and Daddy when she meets us and that she would easily and quickly bond with us.

Well, better go get busy!


  1. God's Timing Is SO PERFECT!!! All this wonderful news the week of MOTHER'S DAY and you'll be IN China for Father's Day!! Please keep posting. I check everyday to see what's happening! I Cant Wait to see Mama & Daddy taking Julianna for a stroll around the circle but more importantly To Meet Her In Person!! OH and We Cant Forget Daddy's Birthday Today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Love and Blessings to the 3 of you!!!

  2. I am so excited! I was shocked to see all the plans falling in place. I know a few friends with other agency's that have put travel on hold. Yeah for AHH!!! I am praying for all 3 of you as you travel and meet your beautiful daughter. It's not count down time!!!