Friday, May 22, 2009

Updated Measurements & Another New Picture

We received updated measurements and a new picture of Julianna. At 13 months, she weighs 22.6 lbs and is 29.3 inches tall. I told Eddie she is tall just like a Jernigan! Since we received these new measurements, we will probably not be bringing any 12 months clothes with us - only 18 months. We really expected her to be small but we are glad to know that she is healthy! We also found out that she has 4 teeth. God has truely blessed us in so many ways through this process. One of those ways is receiving so many pictures of Julianna. Sometimes, you will only receive maybe one or two additional pictures after the referral pictures. But, the Lord has allowed us to see almost her whole first year through pictures (well actually starting when she was 5 months old.) Here is the new picture we received from the orphanage:

Isn't she precious?? I just wish they would have wiped her runny nose. I need to get over there quickly!

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  1. She is so very precious! God is so good and we are excited for you all! Blessings, The Boyds