Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 days!

We are now down to 2 days until we leave for China to get Julianna! We have been busy packing and cleaning and baby proofing the house. It seems so "surreal" that this is actually happening. We are continually amazed at the Lord's mercy and grace that is shown to us. Whether through phone calls from friends or one of our neighbors offering to mow our yard, we have received so much encouragement and support. We can't thank all of you enough. We still have packing to do tomorrow. We have all of Julianna's stuff packed in one suitcase and now we have to get my and Ed's stuff into another suitcase. I guess it is obvious who is taking priority. :) We also received another picture of Julianna from the Spanish group sponsoring her orphanage. Here it is:

Isn't she the most precious baby in the world??

We enjoyed a picnic on Saturday that was given for us and 2 other families who already have arrived home with their children. Wanda Shaw, our Chinese teacher, hosted it and we had traditional Chinese food and a big cake. Wanda gave us a very special gift - a picture of Julianna with her name, birth date, adoption date, and province in Chinese. We had a wonderful time even though it was very hot out. I guess that is good practice for the hot weather in China!


  1. I'm so excited, I don't even know what to say!! We're praying for a safe trip there and back and that these exciting changes will be easy on Julianna. Only 4 more days until you see her precious little face in person! Enjoy this blessed time. We can't wait to see you together with Julianna!


  2. We are so excited! The girls cannot wait to meet Julianna. She is so beautiful and looks so strong and healthy. We will pray for safety and a quick bond.
    Lots of love,
    Aunt Summer